Vinhomes Metropolis is a project of Vinhomes brand belonging to Vingroup, a leading prestigious brand in real estate market in Vietnam. Always pioneering to create a new style of life, a high-class project in the position of Golden Center 29 Lieu Giai was built with good facilities, to create a truly stylish and classy living space for prosperous and successful residents.

Vihomes Metropolis - Nhất Vị trí, Nhì Hướng

Advised to design by Atkins Group (United Kingdom) – the most prestigious project management and design consultancy unit in the world. This is also the leading technical consultancy group in Europe with nearly 18,500 employees operating in more than 150 countries. Atkins has brought unique and classy design ideas, creating a life of value for residents:

  • Floating Garden Ideas – Floating Garden.
  • 1st floor harmonizes functional space with landscape space.
  • 4th floor is a convenient space for residents

5-star facilities available at Vinhomes Metropolis:

At Vinhomes Metropolis, the full utility system comes with 5-star service that promises to bring the owner the full enjoyment of life’s value. The landscape feature of the project is the idea of CREATIVE BRIEF GARDEN with a harmonious combination of green trees and water surface with a convenient utility space for the future community to live up to the standard.

mặt bằng tiện ích metropolis

  1. Standard swimming pool.
  2. Relaxing tank.
  3. Swimming children.
  4. Sliding bridge.
  5. Fountain.
  6. Playground with landscape.
  7. Lounge lounge cafe covered.
  8. Lounge lounge cafe outdoors.
  9. Interactive fountain.
  10. Landscape of 3 gardens.
  11. Flower arch gate.
  12. Seats with arches.
  13. Foot massage promenade.
  14. Outdoor sports area.
  15. Sculpture in floating garden.
  1. Aquatic vegetation.
  2. Floating Lounge Area.
  3. Covered walkways.
  4. Versatile lawn.
  5. Green garden.
  6. Landscape wall.
  7. Sculpture in the grass.
  8. Waterfall.
  9. Floating garden.
  10. Photo corner.
  11. Sightseeing hut.
  12. Children’s playground.
  13. Tree tub.
  14. Water walk.
  15. BBQ Garden.
4th floor landscape with many unique creative utilities

4th floor landscape with many unique creative utilities

Outdoor water spray yard.

Outdoor water spray yard.

Creative outdoor playground for children

Creative outdoor playground for children

Outdoor practice area for active life every day

Outdoor practice area for active life every day

Vinhomes real estate products create a great reputation not only because they always ensure the exact commitment of progress, quality of construction and infrastructure but also because of synchronization, utility as well as translation quality. superior service. Vinhomes Metropolis urban area establishes a strict security system, ensuring a safe living environment for residents.

With many outstanding advantages, Vinhomes Metropolis urban area-class facilities will be a bright spot in the luxury apartment segment in the real estate market and is a wise choice for customers to experience high-class life. heart of the capital.

Tiện ích Metropolis Vinhomes 29 Liễu Giai

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